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Public Race/Bracket:
Anything goes, dial your own index, .500 full tree; qualifying RTs determine elim. charts (1. vs. 32., 2. vs. 31., in a 32-field)
1. Jürg Broder/CH/40 Ford
2. Silvano Wippel/AUT/70 Chevelle
3. Kescha Platonow/AUT/Volvo Holiday Edition
LQ: Dominik Fässler/CH,.501RT
best RT: Silvano Wippel/AUT, .501
closest to Dial In: Peter Kouba/AUT,.896 on .895di
Parma Stock: Sealed Parma or PS-2003 S16D with 48-pitch Pinion (may be soldered on); brushes and springs may be replaced; Inline-chassis with bushings, 1/8" axle and 48-pitch gear; min. weight = 125g; elims: 1. vs. 32., 2. vs. 31.,...; .500 full tree
1. Alex Mahl/AUT/Jr. Dragster
2. Dominik Fässler/CH/36 Ford
3. Dominik Fässler/CH/VW Beetle
Low QF: Kescha Platonow/AUT/Skoda, 1.014
Low E.T.: Alex Mahl/AUT/Jr. Dragster, .976
Top Speed: Alex Mahl/AUT/Jr. Dragster, 44.39mph
Super Stock: blueprinted S16D (bushings only), with 16D or S16D-arm, shunt wires allowed, any chassis (ball bearings OK), min. weight = 125g; .500 full tree
1. Kescha Platonow/AUT/VW Beetle Orange Baron
2. Patrick Boenisch/GER/55 Chevy
3. Charles Pace/MLT/Red Mustang "Pinto"
Low QF: Charles Pace/MLT/Mustang, .911
Low E.T.: Charles Pace/MLT/Mustang, .911
Top Speed: Alex Mahl/AUT/Lowrider, 45.74mph
G12: G12-Motor (C-can w. ceramic mags) with tagged arm (Gp.12 or X-12), bearings OK, any chassis (ball bearings OK), min. weight = 125g; .400 pro tree
1. Keith Grech/MLT/Camaro
2. Alex Mahl/AUT/Firebird
3. Fred Barthelemy/FRA/Shell Cougar
Low QF: Fred Barthelemy/FRA/Pontiac FC, .838
Low E.T.: Fred Barthelemy/FRA/Pontiac FC, .838
Alex Mahl/AUT/Firebird, 0.838
Top Speed: Jürg Broder/CH/55 Chevy, 51.44mph
G20: G20-Motor (C-can) with tagged arm, ballbearings OK, any chassis (ball bearings OK), min. weight = 125g; .400 pro tree
1. Charles Pace/MLT/C6 Corvette
2. Keith Grech/MLT/Summit Olds
3. Alex Mahl/AUT/Pisano Corvette Funny Car
Low QF: Charles Pace/MLT/C6 Corvette, .786
Low E.T.: Keith Grech/MLT/Summit Olds, .782
Top Speed: Kescha Platonow/AUT/Camaro FC, 53.58mph
Scale Top Fuel: G20-Motor (C-can) with tagged arm, ballbearings OK, inline chassis (ball bearings OK), modern TF-body (Lexan, Resin or kit based) with wing, scale rear tires (.500 x 1.15 min.) min. weight = 120g; .400 pro tree
1. Keith Grech/MLT/City Racing
2. Kescha Platonow/AUT/KB Racing
3. Charles Pace/MLT/Dragaddict
Low QF: Keith Grech/MLT/City Racing, .827
Low E.T.: Charles Pace/MLT/Dragaddict, .784
Top Speed: Charles Pace/MLT/Dragaddict, 54.02mph
AA/Funny Car: G7/G27/Top Gun - Motor(s); .400 Pro Tree
1. Charles Pace/MLT/DRS open purple
2. Alex Mahl/AUT/Stone Woods & Cook Corvette
3. Kescha Platonow/AUT/Blue Max Sunfire FC
Low QF: Charles Pace/MLT/DRS open purple, .469
Low E.T.: Alex Mahl/AUT/SWC Corvette, .454
Top Speed: Alex Mahl/AUT/SWC Corvette, 87.33mph
Special Awards:
Tough Luck Award (Orga pick): Peter Kouba for several narrow losses despite improving so much
First Perfect Light Award: Hans Rzany from Switzerland in Parma Stock
Long Distance Award: Osku Herttua/FIN
Best Lexan Bodied Car: Set of CNC wheels by Pro Track: Osku Herttua, Gp20 Grand Am
Best Hard Plastic/Resin Bodied Car: Set of CNC wheels by Pro Track: Peter Kouba, Gp20 El Camino (by luck of draw - 4-way tie between Peter/El Camino, Charles/Camaro, Charles/57 Chevy and Thomas/McD Dragster)
Best Engineered Car: Set of CNC wheels by Pro Track: Kescha Platonow/Hook double Gp20 powered 4-wheel-drive bracket racer

Raffle Winners:
Super Comp Headers by JDS: Jürg Broder/CH
S16D Drag arm by Pro Slot: Hans Rzany/CH
S16D Drag arm by Pro Slot: Rolf Meier/CH
Jo-Han Pinto FC kit by Hans Rzany: Peter Kouba/AUT
Gp12 Drag Motor by Pro Slot: Marcel Quint/GER
Gp20 Drag Motor by Pro Slot: Patrick Boenisch/GER
Gp20 Drag Motor by Ian Hill: Keith Grech/MLT
Gp20 Drag Motor by Ian Hill: Dominik Fässler/CH
Gp20 Lexan Pro Stocker by TR Motorplex: Charles Pace/MLT