Cars Gallery

Silvano Wippel´s qartett of cars - Gp12 Pickup, S16D Chevelle, S16D Mini and Gp20 ´57 Chevy FC.

Charles had again some of the quickest cars on the track and sported a freshly built box made by a Maltese friend.

Keith had a similar box and his cars ran just as well.

Silvano´s Chevy had a little argument with Kescha´s Volvo.

Peter Kouba´s new Gp20 El Camino ran very well and was also voted best appearing hardbody car.

Jürg´s Comp Coupe and Wilh. Tell Anglia ran (but not really fast) in S16D and were quickly sent back to their box - new motors are an absolute must for next year.

Keith Grech´s ´61 Ranchero was #2 Qualifier in SS.

Charles Pace´s Mustang ran great and had the best times in S16D.

Jürg Broder raced some good looking cars like this Jungle Jim Monza Funny...

...and this Wilh. Tell Dragster.

The racer from Switzerland also got the nod to drive Kescha´s (last year´s ru with a new body) Gp20 Vette FC,...

...while his ´40 Ford was the most consistent bracket racer this year.

One of Kescha´s Gp7 cars was this Mopar-bodied FC run by Holli Boenisch - who found out that Gp7 is a tough category to debut in - he´ll be back next year with more cars.

Marcel Quint´s Parma FC got a new Ian Hill Gp12 motor from the raffle and a set of wheelie bars from Alex.

´38 Chevy Rocket Dragster from the German Gang headed by Alex Koch and Marcel Quint.

Alex Koch´s Parma Edge Camaro ran it´s first 0.9 in Gp12.

Alex vowed everybody with a .830 @ 55 mph from his rocket FC and is already working on an even lighter and faster version for next year.

One of two S16D VWs built and raced by Thomas Schäfer - this gorgeous Pickup was plagued by handling problems.

Roger Lüber had some of the best looking cars on hand - this LAPD Camaro sports a Gp12 and is being prepared for next year´s races.


Alex put a new body on last year´s Gp7 ru but couldn´t get by Fred´s RTs in round 1 - he had better luck with his other car...

...this Slick7-chassied Corvette that got him his third Gp7 ru finish in a row and set a new track speed record of 87.33 mph.
Fred´s FC lasted a couple of rounds in Gp20 until it met Keith´s all-conquering Olds.

Fred also brought this JDS-bodied and -chassied roadster for SS and qualified third, just .003 short of the pole.

Fred´s new Cougar got it´s owner into the Gp12 semis...

...and his Pontiac Fc did the same on the other side of the ladder after qualifying #1.

Fred obviously got the Funny Car bug this year, another JDS body on this example.

Another Pontiac FC was built by Fred Bartehelemy for Gp20.

Fred´s cool looking Roadster ran into some technical problems in rd.1 of the brackets meaning an early retirement against Fabian Bont.

And yet another new FC by Fred.

Fred´s Beetle for the VW race.

Fred again with an Altered that ran in the PR class.

Fred´s idea of a Parma Stocker is this JDS Slingshot.

One of Fred´s TFs had a conventional setup...

...while the other used farther forward mounted motor and a driveshaft.

Patrick´s pit.

Roger Lüber´s new Ford was entered in PS by fellow Swiss rookie Markus Benz.

Alex Mahl had a couple of projects on his table.

Peter´s Escort was a favorite among the racers and spectators.