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Tips for the racer:

- Wheelie bars: An absolute must for even the weakest motors, unless the car is very heavy. should almost touch the racing surface when you push down the nose of the car. The faster the car, the tighter the wheelie bars.

- Glue: weaker motors and wider/bigger tires need less, powerful motors and/or narrow tires need more. 16D/S16D usually need just a little or no glue, but it also depends on the track, controller, gearing etc. Some cars need a lot.

- Fish/Tuna/Shark-tires: Natural rubber tires with more traction, need a lot less glue than foam tires.

- How to glue: Apply a bead of glue on your glue board and spread glue evenly on the rear tires by rolling the car through it. Then roll the car slowly through the first few feet of the track and then again glue your rear tires on the glue board. Now place the car right on the starting line, while keeping the rear tires off the track until it is staged and set the rear tires on the track . Make sure the car is lined up straight.

- Front wheels: Should never touch the track to avoid crashing. 0.050"-0.070" should be enough.

- Gear ratio: Depends on motor/car weight/track length/track power/tire width etc.; To get your (final) ratio, take the amount of teeth of your gear and divide it by the amt. of teeth of the pinion and then by the tire dia. in inches (example: (50/10)/1.00 = 5.00). The less powerful motors usually need a smaller ratio #, the more powerful ones a higher - on our track: S16D: 3.2 - 4.0, Gp20: 4.2 - 5.0;

more to follow!