Raceseries 2006
Welcome to the Rhine Valley Int´l Raceway championship series.

We will race for the championship in 3 categories,
Scale Top Fuel, Public Race (Bracket) and Parma Stock,
The dates are (
Saturday, 18:00 Start):

28.1. - dates to be announced

We start with Public Race, followed by PS and TF

Entry fees are € 5,00 per race (for all cars and categories combined) or € 30,00 for the complete season.
Race Format:
Up to 7 cars round robin best of three, the best 2 cars going to the final round, again best of
three. 8 or more cars double elim. best of three, finals single elim. best of three.
Public Race:
Parma Stock:
Scale Top Fuel:
Handicap-Start/bracket race
(dial your own each before each pass),
everything goes,
test runs one hour before race starts.
motor: sealed Parma or Pro Slot S-16D,
springs and brushes may be replaced;
9-tooth pinion, any 48 pitch gear
must use inline-chassis
no ball bearings anywhere;
min. weight: 125g
Motor: Gp.20
Modern Top-Fuel body
arm dia. min..510"
ball bearings on motor and chassis O.K.;
Min. weight: 120g
rear tires min. 0.500" x 1.16"