A huge crowd followed the warm-up races on Saturday, Alex and Kescha winning one race each.

Both racers brought out their Street Rods for the bracket class.

Sunday morning - the track is waiting for racers and fans.

Alex immediately went to work on his and everybody else´s cars.

Fred´s slot car box was the most sophisticated and fully equipped with every gadget one could imagine.

Fred had brought enough glue and tires to get him through the day.

Alex had a few new creations on hand.

As usual, Jürg had some of the prettiest cars, but also proved that he can be fast.

The crowd was very interested in the action provided by all racers.

Another view of Alex´ well built machinery.

Fred was stressed by the traction woes of his G7-FC...

...and also his TF-dragster.

Kescha cleaned the track for some record shattering runs.

The crowd was getting bigger as the racers made a few test runs.

Kescha had his usual mix of American and (mostly) eastern European oddities as well as some new potential record breakers.

Alex, Dom and Fred had brought some very colorful cars...

...and Alex even had his own "professional" cheerleader (though not necessarily in that profession).

Dominik and Patrick made some test runs, closely watched by Jörg and Kescha.

Everbody else was watching Alex as he had the soldering iron cooking throughout the event.

Fred applied some of his magic to the new Parma Stock Chevy, improving from 1.15 to 1.02 in just one day.

Kescha was again the worry of most opponents who had to face him, but was pushed to (and sometimes over) his limits by Fred, Alex, Jürg, Patrick and the others...

while also doing triple duty as racer, race director and chief starter.

Silvano´s pickup was narrowly edged out by Hans-Ruedi´s ´55.

Fred had to ready his army of great-running slotcars for the battle.

The crowd foolowed the action from the get-go, here provided by Alex and Kescha.

Dom´s 36 Ford lost to Jürg´s pickup in the second round of the bracket race.

Jürg also had the weirdest exhibition car on hand - his beer-powered imagination letting him build this turbine-powered beer can.

Jörg had pimped... uh, built a several new cars for the event, but struggled to find traction with most of them.

Jürg didn´t have as many cars as some of his competitors, but was one of the most succesful racers in attendance.

The Parma Edge cars were again popular in both brackets and PS-categories, with some racers preferring a hardbody over the lighter Lexan.

Alex was kept busy between rounds - here Thomas seems to be looking at something faster for the next race.

Kescha explained Einstein´s theory of relatively good reaction times to his fellow racers.

Dominik´s beetle beat Alex and his Willys in the semifinal round.

The Swiss bracket race heavyweights were all smiles before their final, H.R. and Kescha also enjoying the moment.

Silvano´s good reaction times couldn´t quite make up for his cars obvious lack of power..

Dom and Jürg met in the bracket race finals, with Jürg´s pickup coming out on top. Kescha, Thomas and Pierre were obviously interested in the outcome.

Jürg´s 39 Ford was the picture of consistency as was the driver, while Dominik´s VW faltered slightly in the finals.

Alex and Fred qualified 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the tough Parma Stock class, Kescha was the expected low qualifier and newcomer Roli had a mountain to climb in his first big drag race.

Martina again brought her pink Parma Chevy, Roli had a very nice GMC pickup, also in the Parma Stock category.

Most spectators had their first ever slot car drag racing experience in Friedrichshafen and were impressed by the speeds achieved by the small cars.

Alex and Kescha were the two PS-finalists, the little Skoda finally winning on a foul by his opponent.

Alex tried too hard as Patrick and Roli watched the drama unfold.

But the racers had no time to relax, as the next category was up just moments later.

Alex tried to figure out what gear ratio to use on his cars and was obviously prepared for any track conditions imaginable.

Silvano didn´t race his BSE-Express truck, but brought it anyway to put some smiles on his fellow racers faces.

Jörg, Fred, Monika and Roli watched on as Kescha sent Dom and Wolfi on their way, while Martina handled baby and fans.

This is the result of one of Jürg´s early attempts at slot car drag racing.

The quick man from Switzerland had a new paint job on his bus, which supposedly will be getting a new G-20 motor in the near future.

His ´50 Ford, the winner of the last Parma Stock race, was not up to the task this time...

but the G12 ´55 Chevy was, setting new personal bests and winning its class.

Kescha´s Bantam fuel altered sported an owner-built S16D but was no match for Jürg´s Chevy, despite some inspired driving.

The race was a huge success among the fans with Aahs and Oohs following each run down the track.

Jürg enjoyed the finest day of his slot car drag racing career, winning two categories and impressing everybody with his fine driving.

Alex tried to stop him in the G-12 semis but had no luck as the Swiss ran two low 0.9s to put him on the trailer... uh, in the box.

Another pic of Jürg´s what should I call it? Alcohol Funny car/can?

Kescha had prepped 2 rail jobs for the race, naming Patrick as the test pilot for his new "Fuelish Pleasure" dragster.

Alex not only had two Fuelers himself, but also had to assemble 3 more cars for racers like Dominik, who then proceeded to thank Alex by beating him in round 1.

At least Alex still had his other car in the race, finally finishing as the runner-up.

The Munich gang once more joined us in this race - here Lother and Wolfgang are duking it out in the first round of TF-racing with Martina looking on.

Wolfgang struggled with the adjustment of his wheelie bars and lost to his teammate.

Fred´s fueler was expected to run with the big dogs, but was sent packing in round two by Dominik´s more consistent driving and some handling problems.

Kescha ran out of luck in the semi-finals, his domination stopped by a deslotting first run and then an unnecessary 0.486 foul in the second.

All preparation was for naught as Kescha wasted an otherwise fine 0.837...

while Alex was all smiles after an unexpected 1:0 lead against the favourite.

Kescha was relegated to crew-chief duty for Patrick after his loss, who had too much power for Dominik´s new car.

Dom lost again to Kescha´s mighty Jungle Jim fueler in the race for 3rd place.

Opponents have to change lanes after each run, all races being best of 3.

Kescha and Dom watch their cars go down the track.

Pierre closely watched as Dom and Kescha concentrated on their lights.

Kescha then send Patrick and Alex on their way in the final round...
writing down each result before the next run.

Pierre´s Parma Edge couldn´t stop Fred´s Dynagear-Funny,
but Kescha´s bus could, surprising himself and the spectators.

Fred shined in the G-20 category, completely dominating his opponents like Pierre,...

or Alex, whose Pennzoil FC struggled to get a grip on the track.

Kescha was lucky to win his semifinal against Fred´s record setting Lexan FC,...

but Alex had no such luck in the race for 3rd and was slaughtered by the all-conquering Frenchman,...

...whose meticulous preparation was the key to his success.

Kescha had his mind on the final round,...

...but had no chance as Pierre and Jörg tried to learn from the two finalists.

Kescha´s new G7 and Top Gun cars, the latter driven by Patrick.

Alex´pit space was crowded with his own cars as well as those of othe racers.

Jörg had built a new G7-FC for this race but was in trouble from the start, while Fred had more luck with his Cobalt-12.

Jörg and Fred raced each other in G7-qualifying, Kescha struggled to figure out the tricky conditions.

Kescha´s Top Gun powered Stude deslotted on most runs, it´s owner´s chief starter duties keeping him from figuring out the problem.

Jürg and Dom watched as Alex tried to outqualify Kescha.

Patrick drove Kescha´s other Top Gun car, the orange Cougar, to a first round win over Jörg´s beautiful G7 Funny Car...

...as Kescha closely watched the styrene-bodied car.

Fred was expected to give Kescha a run for his money,...

...but traction woes kept him on his toes...

...while the Expo was slowly coming to an end,...

and away from the final round,...

...contested by Alex and Kescha.

Fred provided live commentary for the French TV (just kidding), as the two finished the race in style.

The trophys were again provided by Karl Grabuschnigg.

And the winners are:

Kescha and Alex celebrated Dom´s ru-trophy for the Public Race category.

Jürg was congratulated by Alex and Kescha on a great job, winning Public Race...

...and Super Stock/G12.

Kescha was not as dominant as last time, but still won 2 classes, both times beating Alex in the final round...

and also collected a 3rd. place trophy in TF...

...and a ru in G20.

Alex collected his share, a 3rd place in PR,...

...and a ru and 3rd in Parma Stock.

Patrick won the tough TF-category with Kescha´s new dragster over Alex´ Silver Bullet.

Alex gets another r-u trophy.

Kescha, Fred and Alex were happy celebrating another trophy for the fast Frenchman.

Kescha and Alex never get tired of presenting trophies to each other.

The hands-down winner of the long-distance award was Fred, who travelled all the way from France accompanied by his very understanding wife.

The racers enjoyed the after-race dinner at a nearby burger place.