Race Gallery Winternats 2010 - the race:

Kescha prepared the track and glued the shutdown...

Peter was a very strict tech inspector (together with Alex).

Alex and Kescha did their best to keep everyone happy and keep things organized.
The laptop was a new addition and gave Kescha more room for his tools.

Jürg was our main photographer and was backed up by Kurt, Dani and Claudia.

Claudia made sure everyone was aware of the 1-minute clock.

The 2 canaries from Austria, Fabio and his uncle Kurt.

Rookie racer Christof and Kurt Fink.

Kurt's road racing slot cars.

Thomas' 2 back-up dragsters, too heavy for the 120g-class, according to their owner.

The dynamic duo from France - Jack and Daniel were a great addition to the Winternats.

The Swiss pit - Thomas, Roger "Spiderman" Lüber, Claudia and Jörg.

...joined by Dani.

Jörg made sure everything was square on his (ex-Kurt-)Mustang.

Winternats rookie Jörg Böttcher from nearby Switzerland.

Claudia and Dani.

Kescha had to replace the roof-wing on his Gp12 Ford Prefect.

Kescha's S16 Streamliner and Jürg's bracket-Ford.

Claudia's controller-bag.

Alex is responsible for all of our track's electronics.

Alex' pit-box.

Björn's pit-box.

Björn is ready for Chrismas!.

Concourse cars.

Our three absolutely neutral judges from Switzerland - Dani, Thomas and Roger.

Raffle winners: Fabio got a JDS Styrene body...

Roger a Lexan FC body...

Kurt a Toyota kit donated by DVan of Bracket500...

Roger didn't win twice - he just accepted a Revell Mongoose FC kit for Dani, who was out to lunch...

Peter got a S16D drag motor donated by ProSlot...

Christof won a Pro Slot Gp12...

Björn was very happy about the Gp20 Vette, built by Ian Hill and donated by Jörg Stauffer, who had previously won the car a few years ago; Other winners were: Claudia - Lexan pickup body by Alex Mahl, Daniel Caso - Gp20 Drag Motor by Pro Slot, Jürg Broder - TF dragster by Jörg Stauffer.

The pits were busy as usual.
Daniel Caso immediately installed the Pro Slot Gp20 motor he won in the raffle in his TF dragster.

Thomas worked on his PS cars.

Claudia was looking forward to racing and starting the other racers.

Slingshot dragsters and Altereds are very popular in S16 - here are some examples: Kurt Fink and Claudia,

Kurt Bilgeri and Jürg's Anglia,

Claudia's Vega and Rogery´s great AA/FA,

Swiss precision at work - Jürg vs. Roger, Alex (from Austria) the official chief starter.

Kurt B. and Dani are sent on their way by Alex.

Roger´s Fiat and Kurt's Firebird.

Kurt Fink's Comp Coupe qualified 13th.

Roger and Claudia in S16 qualifying, Alex sending the racers down the track.

Roger's Altered had it's share of problems and missed the field, Claudia's Vega qualified 6th with a 0.937.

Fabio, Kurt Bilgeri, Alex and Jürg.

Fabio was scratching his head and struggled in PS and PR, Dani raced his '55 in both classes, as well.

Swiss Pro Mod racer Rolf Ammann and his son were very interested spectators, and especially liked Jürg's ´38 Chevy for obvious reasons (Rolf races a similar car).

Fabio staging his yellow Pennzoil racer against Roger´s Ford in PS - Fabio prevailed in 3.

Claudia's Willys was too quick for Kurt's Mustang, but her reaction times were too quick for a win - 2 fouls sent her car back to Switzerland.

Kurt Fink's Mustang met the same fate as Claudia against Dani's Chevy.

Christof and Kurt F..

Jörg, Alex and Kurt B..

Peter's great-looking Flashback Slingshot.

Kescha's ´34 Ford and Peter's Digger.

The Ford prevailed in round 2 of PS.

Peter and Kurt getting ready for rd. 1.
Peter's FC and Kurt's Austin Gasser.

Alex and Kurt.

Claudia and Jürg in PR.

Jürg's pickup put the Willys on the trailer (or in the box) in rd. 2.

Jürg choked but still won.

Alex and Kurt also met in rd. 2.

Two of the nicest cars in the field.

Alex' Nova and Kurt's Nomad.

Kurt was determined and went on to rd. 3...

...where he met his fate and Dani's 55 Chevy.

Daniel brought some very nice cars all the way from France.

Daniel and Jack.

Markus qualified his Slingshot dragster in the 7th slot.

Alex' box.

Jack, Daniel, Claudia and Jörg.

Daniel and Claudia couldn't decide on a dial-in...

Dani, Claudia and Roger.

Dani's '57 Chevy and Roger's Ford Sedan.

Kescha was trying not to type on the glueboard and glue on the keyboard.

Dani and Claudia.

Markus' Slingshot qualified #1 and beat Claudia's Pisano-Matsubara rail in rd. 2 of S16.

Fabio's Studebaker was Markus' first victim.

Claudia took care of Kescha's very fast Scrimaliner (actually, Kescha took care of himself with a pair of red-lights).

Peter's new "Digger" lost in rd.1 to Dani's Wynn's Jammer.

Claudia's Vega prevailed over Thomas' VW.

And Markus other Slingshot won against it's previous owner and his Ford T altered.

Peter and Alex met in the final round of S16,...

...where Alex coupled great RTs with great ETs to get his first trophy of the weekend.

Claudia took a break from her starting-line duties to take some pics.

Kescha tried to re-energize himself...

...with some new earrings.

Gp12 had two late qualifiers in Markus and Christof.

Christof made the field, but had to face Kescha's unpredictable but still quick Prefect in rd. 1.

Kescha set a new personal best of 0.817 at almost 53 mph, but destroyed his car, resulting in a new personal best of re-soldering a chassis.

Kescha's Opel GT was nowhere near as quick as the Prefect, but stopped on a dime thanks to its wider tires and managed to sneak all the way into the finals and a win against Peter's Olds Aero.

Gp20 FCs of Kescha and Jürg - both didn't last very long and paled in comparison to Markus, who gets our rookie of the year vote for winning the class and running consistent 0.7s.

Alex and Fabio in TF.

Jack Alvarez had a tough first round against Kescha.

Thomas defeated Kescha's Fuelish Pleasure in rd. 1.

And did the same to Kescha's Jungle Jim rail in the final round.

Alex and Daniel in Gp7.

Alex oiling his TF.

Markus ended Daniel's day in Gp7.

Kurt Bilgeri.

Jürg had donated some wooden trophies for our special-prize winners.

Markus and Kescha had the quickest cars in Gp7.

And now on to some exhibition cars: Thomas and Alex.

The rocket-car gang from Cologne.

Two of our youngsters with some even smaller cars.

And another record attempt by Alexander Koch and his rocket FC - unfortunately, the car deslotted on a 0.4s (estimated) run and self-destructed a the finish line.

Daniel and Jack got the long-distance award...

and also the tough-luck trophy.

Alex had the first (and only) perfect RT.

Peter won concourse (both, hardbody and Lexan), and also had 3 ru-s.

Roger was awarded the "best engineered"-trophy for his S16 AA/FA.

Björn was all smiles after finishing 3rd in PR.

Jürg only managed a ru in PR this time...

losing to Dani.

Thomas invested a lot of energy into his 2 wins (PS and TF) and 2 3rd-place finishes.

Kescha bagged 2 wins (Gp12 and Gp7) plus a couple of ru-s.

Alex had one win (S16) and 2 3rd place finishes.

Our rookie of the year, Markus, won Gp20...

...and finished 3rd in Gp7, thanks to his lucky shirt, besides setting some records and qualifying at or near the top in every category he raced.