Race Gallery Winternats 2010 - the cars:

Jürg Broder's '40 Ford was the runner up in the bracket race.

Claudia Germann's bracket Willys.

Kurt Fink's Austin Gasser, complete with Mini Cooper grille...

...and authentic wheelie bars!

Björn Gnant finished 3rd with this Porsche.

Kescha's 4-wheel-drive Hook.

Thomas Schäfer's Nova won the race last year and was rear-ended twice by Kescha's Hook this time.

This VW pickup was also built by Thomas Schäfer.

Alex Mahl's pair of Chevy Novas.

Dani's '57 Chevy.

Thomas' '38 Chevy finished 3rd.

Thomas' PS-winning Studebaker.

Kurt Bilgeri's PS Mustang on a scratchbuilt chassis.

ALex' 1/32-bodied Arrow FC.

Kurt Fink's AFX Mustang

Roger Lüber built this Ford AFX...

...and also this very fast Bantam altered.

Peter Kouba's Flashback rail was the best hardbody car.

Claudia's new S16 Slingshot, JDS chassis by Kentaur.

Kurt Fink's Comp Coupe, WRP chassis.

Dani Singer's Garlits rail, DRS chassis, 2009 Winternats champion.

Thomas Schäfer's JDS-chassied Jägermeister dragster.

Markus' slingshot, JDS chassis by Kentaur, low qualifier at 2010 Winternats.

Markus Reichl's "the Russian" dragster, JDS/Kentaur chassis, official track record holder.

Roger Lüber's best-engineered winning Altered, chassis by Roger.

Kescha's Ford T AA/FA - Kentaur chassis, Modelmartin resin body.

Roger's Fiat AA/FA.
Jürg Broder tried different "downforce devices" to tame down his Anglia.

Claudia's Chevy Vega.

Roger's Gp12 Chevy ran a fine 0.869.

Markus' Hulk Karmann set a new track record.

Rookie racer Christof won a Pro Slot sponsored-Gp12 motor in the raffle, bought this great-looking body from Alexander Koch and a chassis from Alex Mahl and assembled the car with the help of Björn and others.

FThe Chezoom Chevy was run by Markus in Gp12.

Kescha's Ford Prefect ran well thanks to a new Pro Slot motor but had the usual handling problems after the finish line - it still went to the semis.

Roger's Gp20 Chevy...

...and Blue Max FC.
Fabio's repaired '32 Ford had handling problems all weekend long.

Thomas' first Gp20 effort ran well but was hammered by Alex in rd. 2.

A nice Ford-T-altered not run this time by Alex...

...and neither was this Mercury.

Alexander's and Marcel's rocket cars: A pair of '57 Chevy FCs...

...a General Lee (hardbody!) Charger,...

...and the very inofficial track record holder.