Race Gallery Winternats 2008 - the race:

Claudia and Kurt.

Alex didn´t have much time to let his soldering iron cool off (nothing new here, except for some fresh cars and motors).

Roger enjoyed his finest outing at his second Winternats with a well-deserved RU finish in S16.

Jürg was teaching professional photography (or the other way around).

Marcel and Jürg in a Gp12 duel.

Sascha´s Charger taking on Alex´Camaro in Gp12 qualifying.

Silvano´s Gp12/PR pickup and Jürg´s ´55 Chevy.

Kurt from Austria and Claudia from Switzerland are just two of the Rhine Valley racers competing in the Winternats.

The two Alexanders met in rd 1 of PR - the Camaro prevailed over the Merc.

Kescha´s ´34 Ford didn´t last long against Thomas´VW.

Thomas then eeked out a narrow win over Dani in the quarters...

...while Jürg did the same to Dominik.

Kescha somehow mistook the mike for the controller messing up his reaction times.

Holger lost to Alex in the quarters.

The Rhine Valley gang - Hans, Dani and Kurt.

Kurt ebjoyed his first (and certainly not last) Winternationals.

Silvano took care of the flowcharts on Saturday and Sunday so Kescha could concentrate on commentating (and winning) races.

Jürg and Alex were a familiar sight in PR semifinals - Kescha explained the racing to the spectators while Matt kept an eye on the results.

ALex is not happy with his light!

The other semi-final: Kescha vs. Thomas.

Alex and Peter witnessed the battle of the two heavyweights (the cars, not the drivers).

Swiss precision prevailed over Austrian ingenuity and Thomas saw his dreams of a title destroyed by Jürg who could probably win bracket races in his sleep.

Kescha woke up Jürg in time to pick up another win in his favorite category.

Peter´s 37 was quicker then Dani´s Slingshot in S16.

Peter seems to imitate Jürg´s style with similar results.

The red light was only a minor setback on Peter´s way to the final round.

Dominik was unsure of his chances against Fred´s altered.

Jürg and Kescha were literally glued to each other before their S16 race.

Silvano´s Mini ran faster then ever...

...but was second-best to Roger´s Slingshot.

The jet cars of Alex and Marcel then provided some fireworks.

This competitor obviously had to add some weight.

Jürg brought all his cars to the starting line to make sure he is doesn´t miss a call.

Thomas is putting the finishing touches on his new Slingshot dragster for the Rhine Valley series.

Racers had to answer questions and sign autograqphs (just kidding) all weekend long.

Alex again brought his mascots to provide moral support.

The Boenish family took home a few scalps (but unfortunately missed out on the trophies this year).

Kescha´s breakfast didn´t give enough strength to his Fast Sled dragster and the car had to be retired from the race before qualifying had even begun.

Roger and Claudia showed the crowd how to prep the track for some quick ETs.

Kescha doing double-duty on computer and mike (and still smiling - probably after his Gp7 win).

Kurt and Dominik staging their cars for PS qualifying.

The gang from Berlin worked hard to finish their PS cars for the race and were ready for the first round of qualifying.

Dani & Claudia are the dynamic (and steadily improving) one-two punch from nearby Switzerland.

Zani´s Dodge and Dani´s Slingshot.

Silvano´s Mini qualified 7th, Thomas Rütsche´s Dragster 20th in S16.

Dani and Zani struggled a bit in S16 qualifying.

The raffle winners: Gerry,...








and Fred. (Maybe we should have a "best dressed racer" trophy next time)

Gp7: Peter and Gerry.

Fred and Gerry.

Thomas finished 4th.

Alex held off Gerry.

New absolute track record by Alex Koch!!!

Powered by twin rockets set in a modified WRP Gp7 chassis...

...the car went right through the bag and was never seen again.

The rocket scientist has already found some new "motors" to power his next creation.

Zani was hungry for some wins...

Fred beat Matt in rd 1 of PS.

Steve and Thomas.

Kurt and Matt.

Matt´s Fiat.

Bruno and Steve in Gp7.

Alex´new glue roller.

And Kescha´s short-wheelbased variation.

Fred and Jürg.

Alex, Claudia, Matt, Steve and Kescha.

Matt and Claudia.

Kurt and Alex.

The shirts are getting more professional each year...

The jet racers cleaning the track for their passes.

The never-ending rivelry between Alex and Kescha continued in PR, PS, Gp20 and TF.

Alex won the battle in PR.

Thomas and Jürg in the PR final round.

Peter and Dani in S16.

Alex laying down some glue.

Peter and Kescha in a colorful Gp12 duel.

The Gp12 final - Fred´s Cougar and Kescha´s Prefect.

Top Fuel semi - Kescha and Alex.

Patrick and Kescha´s 0.7 bracket racer in Gp20.

Claudia and Kescha watching Peter in his Gp20 preparations.

Peter´s new Pinto lost to Fred´s (another 0.7 bracket racer) Mustang.

Holger and Matt were interested participants and later spectators in Gp20.

Roger built a hot seat for Silvano - all they need to improve their ETs is Alex and his rockets.