Race Gallery Winternats 2008 - the cars

Dani´s 57 Chevy and Slingshot Dragster.

Kurt´s Chevy Station Wagon and Kescha´s 34 Ford.

Jürg´s TF, Gp20 and Gp12 racers.

The Cologne wild bunch.

Jürg´s Gp12 ´55, Gp7 Streamliner and Kescha´s ´32 Ford FC.

Thomas´pair of pretty (and pretty fast) TFs.

The winner of "best hardbody" - Steve´s ´55 Chevy.

One of Alex´new PS cars - the Pure Hell FC.

Alex´wild T-bucket grabbed our attention.

Peter´s ´37 Chevy ran well in SS and PR.

Claudia´s Willys.

one of two Fiats brought by the British duo of Steve and Matt.

Dani´s beautifully built and painted Dragster - ready to shake up our Nostalgia Eliminator class.

Kurt´s Station Wagon ran in PR.

Thomas´TFs were heavy but kept improving their ETs.

Some very nice detail work.

Dani´s ´57 improved over the weekend and should be a PS contender before the season is over.

Zani´s ´32 Ford is all go, not show.

As is his wicked and wild Trabi.

Roger has built a couple of very nice Slingshots over the last year - this example ran in PR.

While the yellow dragster went straight to the final round in S16.

Marcel Quint´s Gp12 FC.

´38 Chevy Jet car.

Alex Koch´s new Gp12 Camaro.

And the all-conquering Rocket FC (RIP).

95 mph - the new absolute track record!

Great looking scale chassis on the jet-FC.

Peter shoved great sense of humor and his usual modelling skills with this new PS-Camaro that ran some sub 1.000 ETs.

Alex didn´t red light this time - but his opponent did; Kescha?.

Peter´s Nissan won a tough S16 class with ETs in the 0.900-range...

While his Cheetah placed first in the controversal PS race.

Peter´s Pickup ran a 0.859 in Gp12 but lost to Kescha´s Opel in round 2 of Gp12.

Alex had a Mercury ready for PR racing...

As sis Peter for Gp20.

Some of Alex´cars: A new Pro Mod,

Top Fuel Dragster (SF finisher),

and the Weirdo.

Jürg´s Gp12 Henry J,

S16 Anglia,

And PR winning 40 Ford.

Another pic of Thomas´pair of TFs.

Silvano´s Mini...

...and Pickup.

Kescha´s batttle scarred Gp12 Opel GT lost to Fred for the second year in a row.

Kescha´s last year´s S16 winning VW matured into a Porsche but could not repeat and lost to Fred´s Altered despit improving to a 0.918.

Kescha´s Camaro ran better and won Gp20 after finishing 4th last year.

His other Gp20 FC was run by Jürg last year (and by Patrick at the EC) and finished 3rd with a new body and rebuilt motor.

The surprising RU in Gp12 was this very aerodynamic 52mph Ford Prefect - resin bodies can be fast!

After 2 semifinal finishes Kescha´s Fiat Comp Coupe was gone by round 2 - thanks to Peter´s quicker Nissan.

Fred´s dragsters didn´t bring him much luck this time - his full bodied cars seem to run better lately.

Osku´s Beetle was replaced by Matt´s similar example.

Another VW - Matt´s Gp12 Karmann.

The 4 semi-finalists in PR: Alex & Stude,...

Jürg & Ford,...

Thomas & VW,...

And Kescha & Barkas.

Kescha had to replace the Skoda body on his former PS winner after the first race of the Rhine Valley series,...

and soon found his way into the the 0.97-ies on his way to the semis.