Race Gallery Sunday

Kescha´s "Screamer" Ford lost a close race to Dominik´s Bug.

The Maltese Army was preparing their assault on the fast classes.

The two youngsters Patrick and Jordy squared off in their bracket race matchup while Fred tried to get some inspiration for his RTs.

The racers had the choice of using the push-buttons or their own controllers - both proved to be competitive in all categories.

Osku waited for Jörg to finish his burn out before their 2nd round race.

The other Jörg beat Fred´s resin bodied Studebaker dragster to get an upset win in their 2nd round contest.

Jörg and Fred watched Kescha and Alex at work as race director and his secretary and chief starter.

Chevy (Osku) vs. Ford (Jörg).

The Mercury/Ford prevailed 2:0.

It was a family affair between Patrick and Jörg with each racer winning one round and both getting a trophy for their efforts.

The family-feud, part 1: Patrick loses to his uncle in the PR quarterfinal.

Both racers obviously trying very hard to cut a good light.

The race meant Adios for the green Ford.

Charles was meditating (or cutting perfect lights in his sleep).

The two senior citizens Jörg and Fred in their matchup.

Family-feud, part 2: Patrick got his revenge in the PR-semifinal.

Patrick was already smiling before the tree was activated.

Kescha beat Fred in their semi-final matchup to move into his first final round of the day.

Fred couldn´t hold off Jörg for third place.

Dominik could not repeat his runner-up finish of 2005 and had to watch from the sidelines as Kescha and Patrick battled for the win.

The bracket race final round.

The bus was the most consistent car, but the Bantam had the most consistent driver.

Another look at the Public Race final round with Kescha trying to chase down Patricks S´cool bus.

Vive la France, la fraternite, liberte,... Fred to the starting line please!

Zani was enjoying himself at his first big race.

Jürg´s Chevy is still in pieces to remind us of our first efforts on a plastic track.

Parma Stock was up next, Osku´s VW running better then Jürg´s much improved Fiat.

Osku was second-best to Alex´Studebaker in Parma Stock.

Peter had come from Vienna and watched the flying Finn and Alex square off.

The two raced each other twice in PS, but the results were similar: Alex won each time.

Kescha had to replace the braids on his cars between the first and second round to get his performance back.

Thomas is improving and becoming more and more of a threat - his road track experience obviously paying off.

Vince and Charles had to wait for their first chance at the track but were more then ready for anything their opponents would throw at them.

Kescha´s Altered barely got by Jordy´s Willys in the first round of Super Stock.

Jörg couldn´t quite still his hunger for trophies and decided to try his luck with a burger instead.

Mario Farrugia looking for his next victim.

Vince was very relaxed as his cars all performed flawlessly.

Alex was also quite happy with his new cars.

Patrick and Kescha had another duel in Super Stock.

Fred and Osku watched by Jörg.

Fred raced another Kescha creation to a narrow win over Osku´s great looking Isuzu...

but lost to it´s owner in the next round.

Fred raced Kescha´s Bantam to new bests and prevailed in a close first round matchup with Osku´s Isuzu.

Charles´Corvette ran the first 0.85 on it´s way to a win against Osku´s Cavalier.

Fred was as professional as ever in his preparations but was plagued by all kinds of problems this year.

Kescha´s Fiat altered was no match for Mario´s Cavalier...
and neither was Jürg´s Anglia.

Patrick struggled to get Kescha´s Bug down the track while Kescha´s Competition Coupe kept setting new personal bests.

Mario went all the way to the final round with his Chevy Cavalier.

Charles won Super Stock with his beautiful Corvette.

Shshshsh! I can´t hear the christmas tree!

Godwin came all the way from Malta to support his friends - Holger was one of our two on-track photographers and (of course) also the #1 supporter for his son Patrick.

Jordy´s Willys beat the Parma Edge Pro Mod of Hans "Zani" Rzany in first round of Gp12.

Holger took a picture of Charles and Vince in their preparations for a titanic semifinal clash.

Maybe Vince should try to keep his eyes open next time - he fouled twice and then crashed his Challenger in this race of two heavy hitters. Kescha and Patrick were very interested in what the two Maltese could throw at the track.

Mario was checking the qualifying charts while Vince worked hard to repair his Challenger for the race for third place.

Here´s what the car looked like right after taking off at the finish line.

Charles and supporter Godwin looked skeptical as Vince tried (and succeeded) to repair his Challenger.

Fire the next pair!

Looks like another red-light by Alex...

who still ran very well and prevailed over Kescha´s also much-improved Gp12 Anglia.

Vince beat Charles´ Firebird to collect the 3rd place trophy.

Charles´record setting Camaro was too much for Alex very well running Firebird in the final round of Gp12.

Top Fuel was next and Kescha and Dominik squared off in a repeat of last year´s race for third place - this time in the first round.

Kescha had the performance advantage...

and the result was the same as last time, the better car going on to round 2.

Patrick´s title defense got a good start with a first-round win over Jürg´s Streamliner.

Jürg kept his good spirit despite the loss...

...while Patrick was obviously delighted.

Rumors about the use of N2O, steroids, EPO and testosterone in a few of the categories kept popping up despite vehement denials by all involved. Tour director Kescha has promised to come down hard on racers found guilty of doping their cars but so far nothing has been proved. According to inside sources, some apparently used injection needles and suspicious empty plastic bottles have been found in a litter can close to the racers hotel and an investigation is underway.

Thomas finally got his McD car to run in the nines, but that wasn´t enough to beat Alex´ Silver Bullet.

Patrick had crewchief Jörg on his side against car owner Kescha.

Patrick and Jörg Boenisch represented the German car-crazy family well and Jörg will join the Top Fuel ranks in 2007.

Kescha and Charles shook hands before their final round race...

where Kescha had more concentration to win on two consecutive red lights by his opponent. Kescha was successfully shooting for good RTs as shown here.

Dominik was obviously enjoying the event despite losing early with most of his cars.

Fred and his Hemi Hauler zipped by Alex´Bug Zapper in their 2nd round race.

Jürg had borrowed Kescha´s Sheriff Fury for this race and had to race Kescha´s fittingly named Baltimore Bandit Barracuda. Alex, Mario and Peter saw the bandit run away from the Sheriff this time.

Kescha´s Baltimore Bandit was too quick for Jürg´s Sheriff (also owned by Kescha).

Patrick and Jordy met in Gp20 - Patrick winning the race over the rookie from Belgium.

"Sheriff" Jürg and Peter watched the duel with Kescha´s Bandit.

Peter had built a beautiful Blue Max Ford Mustang FC for his first slot drag race but lost on two red light starts against 2nd year pro Patrick and his Kescha-built AFX Dodge.

Mario´s Firebird beat Charles´FC to advance to the quarterinals.

Whenever the Maltese Army was involved in a race, everybody was very interested in the times laid down by Charles, Mario and Vince.

Osku was pleased by the performance of his Pinto FC.

Charles and Kescha in another duel in their ongoing feud for the most trophies in this event. Charles prevailed this time (in Gp20) gunning down Kescha in the final round.

A successful G7 racer´s best friends - the glueboard, the glue and a rag to clean your hands. Gold was the color of choice for both Jürg and Alex.

Jürg and Kescha were the only two Altereds amongst a field of Funny Car bodied cars in G7 and had to run each other in the first round.

The Maltese were all smiles despite the cold temperatures at the end of the event. They really made their opponents feel the heat every time they came to the starting line.

The surprising matchup for the G7 final round was Alex vs. Kescha in a repeat of last years race - the outcome was the same despite Alex having the better car this time.

Kescha´s repaired and rebodied FC beat Alex´new car on a holeshot and a close foul.

The trophies.

Fred got the "Tough Luck Trophy" and was obviously delighted.

Osku was rewarded for the best engeneered car and also got a set of wheels and tires sponsored by Pro Track.

Alex got two sets of Pro Track wheels for the best appearing Lexan AND hardbody cars.

Holger received the 3rd place Public Race trophy on behalf of his brother Jörg who had to leave early.

Patrick was the runner-up in Public Race,...

while Kescha completed the bracket racing domination by members of the Mental Hell drag racing team (Jörg races a real Mercury Cougar with Kescha and Patrick as crewmembers).

Alex got two trophies for finishing 2nd and 3rd in Parma Stock.

Mario Farrugia was proudly showing the Maltese colors when presented with the trophy for his runner-up finish in Super Stock.

Charles Pace collected the first of quite a few trophies for his Super Stock win.

Vince Farrugia was 3rd in Gp12 - almost freezing when presented the trophy by the Russian iceberg.

Charles winning another one and also getting a WRP chassis for his efforts (as did all other top-three class finishers).

Kescha also got another trophy for his runner-up performance in Gp20.

And Alex did the same for Gp12.

Top Fuel meant another winners trophy and a WRP chassis for Kescha...

...as did his repeat win in G7.