Race Gallery Saturday

Alex´soldering iron was smoking all weekend long.

No one was prepared for the Maltese trio of Mario, Vince and Charles as they were for the race.

A very interested crowd followed the race throughout the weekend.

After the first runs laid down by the Maltese racers, Kescha had to look very hard for the missing 5/100s.

Jörg and Thomas made their first qualifying runs while Alex handled the chief starter duties.

Fred and Osku brought their bracket cars to the starting line looking for some good quailfying RTs.

Jordy had come all the way from Belgium to participate and was watching the other racers closely.

Kescha was still on the lookout for some power to keep pace with the Maltese with Jörg and Patrick unable to find the answer for him.

Rookie Jörg Stauffer from Switzerland struggled to match Patrick´s RTs.

The pits were abuzz with racers working on their cars all weekend long.

Kescha and Osku matched up in Public Race (brackets) qualifying with Osku getting the better RT to qualify 4th with his Cavalier.

The raffle of the great prizes sponsored by Pro Slot, TR Motorplex and Xtreme Hobbies was up next - Brigitte doing the drawing for the lucky winners.

The racers applauded the generous sponsors - Pro Slot, Ian Hill, TR Motorplex, WRP and Pro Track.

The raffle prizes, donated by Pro Slot, Ian Hill/Xtreme Hobbies and TR Motorplex.

Jörg and Vince had their eyes on the prizes even befor the raffle started and were obviously trying to talk Kescha into something to help their chances.

Brigitte handed Kescha the raffle tickets while everybody waited to hear the results.

Patrick was the first raffle winner, getting a Pro Slot blueprinted S16D for his next car.

Charles Pace won the Pro Slot Gp12 Drag Motor and was congratulated by Kescha.

Patrick´s Uncle Jörg won the Pro Slot Gp20 Drag Motor and vowed to build a Top Fueler for next year´s race.

Zani from nearby Switzerland won the RTR Gp20 Funny Car donated by Tricky Ricky Blackson of TR Motorplex.

Jörg Stauffer was speechless after winning the Ian Hill built Corvette powered by a Pro Slot Gp20 motor.

Alex didn´t want to let the Corvette go, but had to - both raffle cars went to Switzerland.

Once again (I know I´m repeating myself) - a big thanks in the name of all winners and myself to the sponsors.

Two of the many great looking and even better (if that´s possible) running cars brought here by the Maltese Army - Charles´Gp20 Funny car and Top Fueler.

The Boenisch family made a few test runs before qualifying resumed.

Jürg worked on his Wilh. Tell TF-dragster, previously known as the Don Garlits Swamp Rat.

Alex and Osku prepared their cars in front of very interested spectators.

Fred was one of the hardest working racers at the Winternats.

Patrick´s fleet of cars, most of them rented from Kescha´s huge inventory.

Jörg flexed the muscles of Kescha´s Gp20 Barkas against Fred´s Lexan-bodied Funny Car.

The two youngsters battled hard all weekend long and vowed to be back even stronger next year while Fred was still working on his cars.

Kids of all ages tested their skills at the 2006 Winternationals.

Another test run - this time Jörg´s PS Cougar vs. Patrick´s Gp20 GTO.

Charles, Vince and Mario in their MSDR-team T-shirts.

As qualifying continued, the starting line area got more crowded.

Osku, Jörg, Fred, Peter and Jordy listened to Kescha´s speech while Jürg took some of the photos seen here.

Kescha: "Anyone seen my missing 0.05?"
Vince: "I think I´ve seen them in my slot box somewhere - or was that in yours, Charles?"

Alex sent Fred and Osku on their way to another qualifying run.

Patrick made sure the body was pinned right on his new GTO.

Patrick and Jordy were pitted next to each other.

More testing - Patrick´s Super Stock VW and Jörg´s Parma Stock Cougar.

Osku waits for the Mental Hell racing team to finish their runs.

The crowd looked similar to this basically all weekend long.

Jürg, Thomas and Alex watched Charles and Vince closely as the two Maltese prepared for their qualifying runs.

Jordy tried to keep pace with Vince but couldn´t quite match the performance of the MSDR team.

Zani looked on as Patrick and Thomas prepared the track for their runs.

Alex qualified 7th with his new Winston Fueler, Jürg´s Wilhelm Tell Racing Dragster ended up in the #12 spot.

Alex´Bug Zapper FC ran well enough to qualify 9th in it´s first race and was also voted best appearing hardbody car.

Kescha had his eyes on the monitor, his hands on mouse and sandwich but his mind firmly on his racecars all weekend long.

Jürg and Kescha staged their Super Stock cars for another qualifying run.

The crowd was patiently waiting for another low 0.9-Second run by Kescha´s Fiat Fuel Altered.

2 more of Kescha´s crations - the ever improving Fiat Competition Coupe and a Pro Slot powered Mini Cooper, ran by Jürg and owned by track co-owner Silvano, who was unable to attend the race due to work commitments.

Alex built this Lexan-bodied Lowrider just for this race which was voted the best appearing Lexan car by his fellow racers.

Jürg´s brand spanking new Gp12 Henry J and Jordy´s Willys Panel truck qualified 15th and 14th in the tough Gp12 field.

Fred had a purpose-built glue roller to get more traction for his cars - something other racers should look into in their preparations for next year.

Last years TF winner Patrick had the same car for his title defense (although in new colors), but could not match the performance of Vince Farrugia´s #1 qualifying Exide car.

Kescha´s Smirnoff TF and Jürg´s W. Tell Streamliner struggled in qualifying, buth both racers were quite happy with their other cars.

Thomas had aquired major sponsorship from the Swiss McDonalds branch while Kescha was still flying last year´s Jungle Jim colors.

Osku showed off his "Gluemeister"-T-Shirt Kescha had printed just for this event.

Jörg looked on as Kescha checked the weight on his own Barkas Van.

Thomas had built his TF one month before the race and fought new car bugs all weekend long while Kescha´s blue dragster ran consistent and fast to qualify 4th and eventually win the race.

Alex is always hungry to enlarge his fleet of sometimes strange looking but well running cars.

Fred´s tool box once again was the envy of his fellow racers.

Osku and Jürg had two of quite a few Nostalgia Funny Cars that competed in the Gp20 class.