Race Gallery Winternats 2011 - the race:

Racers and spectators looked on as the race unfolds...

Alex couldn't attend due to business commitments but Thomas was a great help as co-chief-starter.

Kescha used his new laptop to keep things organized.

Emanuel and Joerg making some test runs.

Roger and Kurt Bilgeri.

Emanuel and his uncle Kurt Fink.

Juerg and Fabio.

Joerg and Kurt obviously enjoying the race.

Track prep.

Juerg's cars ready to go.

Concours cars.

Joerg trying to help Kurt with the concours judging.

Concours judges at work.

Kescha checking out the concours.

Claudia and Roger.

More concours cars.

Concours judges Peter, Juerg and Kurt.

Thomas relaxing before the race.

The raffle: Claudia won a box full of paints sponsored by Juerg Broder.

Juerg swiftly got his reward for his sponsorship and won a set of Pro Track front wheels.

Thomas Schaefer and Jack Alvarez got the 2 racer aprons sponsored by Paul WIlde of WRP.

Emanuel won a set of Pro Track front wheels.

Joerg got the Pro Track rear wheels.

Bjoern won a Revell FC kit donarted by Hans Rzany of the Swiss slotrunners.ch track.

Fabio got a Ford pickup kit donated by KPGraphic.com.

Kurt Fink sonsored a 1970 Chevelle kit that was won by Kurt Bilgeri.
Precision Slotcars sponsored two custom-engraved set-up boards, one was won by Kurt Fink,...

...the other by Roger Lueber.

The Pro Slot Gp20 motor went to Peter Kouba,...

The Pro Slot Gp12 to Dani Singer. A huge thanks once again to all sponsors!!!

Juerg's '56 Ford loaded with electronics...

On to the racing: Roger had no answer for Dani's '57 in the first round of PS elims.

Kescha's new Ferrari outran Peter's old Slingshot in round 2.

Thomas dominated the race and staged his two cars for a relaxed exhibition race with German slot-racing expert Dieter Bock.

Our two youngsters Fabio and Emanuel.

Kurt and Thomas getting ready for PR qualifying.

Fabio's Mustang FC lost on a double-double break-out to Roger's Vega.

Kurt Fink's '55 was a first-round casualty to Dani Singer's Top Sportsman racer.

Bjoern's Hummer + trailer was trailered by Roger's rebuilt Ford Sedan.

Despite the light show, the Hummer got stuck in the glue while the Ford was long gone to the the next round.

Bjoern then decided to put the car(s) up for sale...

Fabio and Joerg - Joerg's Firebird won the rd. 1 race in 2 straight.

The two pickups of Juerg and Daniel - Juerg's older version prevailed.

With Alex missing, Kescha took the award for the first perfect RT of the race.
Nothing distracted Kurt enough to keep him from winning his first Winternationals title.

No, the model balloons did not participate in the bracket race...

Dani got his Slingshot ready for the S16 race...

...against Kurt Bilgeri's (ex Kurt Fink) Ramchargers rail..

Claudia's slingshot beat Kescha's not-yet-finished Fiat altered.

Kurt B's Vette beat Roger's quicker Deuce coupe.

Roger's winged AA/FA also lost in rd. 1, beaten by Peter's Pro Cuda rail.

Claudia's Vega...

...was retired by Kescha's Scrimaliner in rd. 2.

Her dragster went to the semis, beating Dani's similar shaped entry.

The driver looked a tad concerned...

...before Claudia's semi-final race against the Scrimaliner.

Thomas won the battle for 3rd place...

...after losing to Peter's Cuda in the semis.

Our drag racing videos provided some entertainment betweeen rounds.

The pits.

Kescha set a new personal best of 0.807 in his first round race with Jack.

Roger's new Snoopy FC went a couple of rounds in Gp12.

Peter's Jegs Chevy outran Juerg's Bel Air.

Snoopy met his match in Peter's Aero.

Kurt in TF.

Roger's Buick ran very well in Gp20, beating Fabio's Hot Rod in rd.1.

Juerg's Jungle Jim FC.

Peter's driver in Gp7.

Kurt B. acquired a new AA/FC chassis from Kescha on Saturday evening and was ready to race on Sunday after burning some midnight oil.

Thomas has a new weapon, a Neo FC powered by a Robert Keough - built 12-mag motor.

Peter and Fabio.

Peter Kouba had some problems with his AA/FCs.



The very popular trophies, suggested and made by Alex Mahl.

Race prizes - sponsored by Flashpoint Resin, D&L Chassis, WRP and Pro Track.

Two assembled D&L Chassis and a very nice '57 Pro Mod body by Flashpoint.

Kescha won his share this year, including a set of Pro Track wheels for the first perfect RT.

Daniel Caso won the long distance award.

Jack Alvarez "won" the bad luck award for losing not only his share of close races, but also his tooth over the weekend.

Peter Kouba won the highly-contested "best lexan car" trophy.

Roger's Snoopy FC was voted "best egineered car".

Kescha won TF and S16 and also had a several RU and 3rd place finishes.

Kurt Bilgeri got a D&L Top Fuel Chassis and matching Flashpoint resin body for winning the PR bracket race.

Peter Kouba won Gp12 and Gp20.

Thomas got his share of trophies for winning Gp7 and PS.

Peter receiving a Flashpoint body and a D&L chassis.

Peter also got a WRP chassis for his RU finish in S16.

Thomas was happy to get a set of Pro Track wheels for his 3rd place effort in Gp7.

Another Flashpoint body for Thomas.